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What We Do

The Center provides media consulting and helps build the organizing capacity of advocacy organizations at the state, local and national levels.
CNC supports organizations, journalists and academics by conducting investigative research and producing free resources in the form of reference guides, backgrounders, and in-depth reports.

September 30, 2015The anti-refugee movement is capitalizing on the intensive media attention focused on Syria and the refugees fleeing violence and persecution with a flurry of activity to organize opposition to refugee resettlement program in the United States. This movement draws significantly from both organized anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim activity, relying on familiar racist narratives to advance their goals. […]
September 29, 2015On Oct. 9 and 10, a group of loosely connected protesters plan to host anti-Muslim demonstrations in front of at least 20 mosques, community centers and government offices. A Facebook page titled “Global Rally for Humanity” says “[h]umanity is attacked daily by radical Islam” and is calling for protests in “every country at every Mosque.” The page […]