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The Center provides media consulting and helps build the organizing capacity of advocacy organizations at the state, local and national levels.
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May 5, 2016UPDATE: In a victory for immigrant rights, the Arizona House voted down SB 1377 once again when it came up for reconsideration on May 5th. Yesterday Arizona lawmakers narrowly defeated the state’s most recent legislative threat to immigrant communities: SB 1377. This bill, following in the footsteps of Arizona’s notorious SB 1070, targets immigrant communities for disparate treatment under […]
April 29, 2016There Goes the Neighborhood is a weekly series from Imagine 2050 staff highlighting upcoming nativist events. This week, expect another conspiracy-laden anti-refugee presentation in Minnesota and an anti-Muslim speaker in Virginia. ACT! for America will also co-host one of Congress’ most stridently nativist members in Pennsylvania. Tonight, April 29, border vigilante turned anti-refugee demagogue Ron Branstner will […]