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The Center provides media consulting and helps build the organizing capacity of advocacy organizations at the state, local and national levels.
CNC supports organizations, journalists and academics by conducting investigative research and producing free resources in the form of reference guides, backgrounders, and in-depth reports.

June 26, 2015According to a flyer posted on the group’s website and reported by NBC affiliate KOAA, the Alabama chapter of the Infidels Motorcycle Club (IMC) will host a barbecue “in defiance of the Islamic Holiday of Ramadan” on Saturday, July 11. The event appears to be inspired by a similar event IMC’s Colorado Springs chapter held last Saturday, June 20. […]
June 25, 2015Roy Beck, head of the anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA, has gone to dramatic lengths to ward off accusations of racism directed at him and NumbersUSA. But the truth is, through NumbersUSA, Beck is carrying on the mission and legacy of his mentor, John Tanton, founder of the hate group the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Here’s John Tanton talking about immigration […]