The John Tanton Network and the Anti-Immigrant Movement in America

One man is at the heart of the most influential anti-immigrant network in the country. This man, John Tanton, has created an empire of organizations consisting of lobbyists, lawyers, legislators, and "experts" that have permeated the very depths of social and political debate.

What appears to the public as a myriad of voices advocating for severe immigration enforcement is nothing more than a series of front groups, “coalitions,” and spin-offs seeking to overwhelm reasonable debate on immigration. Tanton founded the Federation for American Immigration Reform 30 years ago and shortly thereafter U.S. Inc. These two groups jointly fund and support most of today's national anti-immigrant groups.

Groups like the Center for Immigration Studies, also founded by Tanton, which serves as a quasi-think tank to the anti-immigrant movement. Or the Coalition for the Future American Worker which pretends to be the voice of American workers. Progressives for Immigration Reform, NumbersUSA, Immigration Reform Law Institute, United to Secure America Coalition are a few more of the innocuous sounding groups. The sheer number of them is dizzying. The names themselves are meant to deceive.

But that is hardly the most sinister aspect of John Tanton's Network.

Respected civil rights groups - including the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League - have uncovered troubling associations with racists, white supremacists, and political extremists. One is the Pioneer Fund, a foundation committed to eugenics and "scientific racism". The Pioneer Fund provided John Tanton with the early funding he needed to build a multi-million dollar operation.javascript:submitbutton('apply');

The Tanton network’s ties to white supremacists associated with the Council of Conservative Citizens and to the VDARE Foundation serve only to heighten growing unease about it within the civil rights community. The Center for New Community is distributing a map detailing the nature of these relationships. This map shows that behind the long-winded names and complicated connections, the truth is much simpler; it is one network and one message.

The Tanton Network's message is clear - immigrants are not welcome here.



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