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Obama Victory A Massive Setback for White Nationalists

Stephen Piggott • Nov 12, 2008

After Obama’s landslide victory on November 4th we saw scenes of joy throughout the country and all over the world. People everywhere were speaking about their renewed hope. We also saw the reactions of those who voted for McCain, many of them blaming George W. Bush for McCain’s record loss. The media however did not portray the white nationalist community’s reaction to Obama’s victory. To gauge their reaction I paid a visit to arguably the most influential and popular white nationalist website; Stormfront. It was founded in 1995 by former KKK member Don Black. The website’s motto is “White Pride World Wide.” According to a June 2008 article in the Washington Post, Stormfront draws more than 40,000 users to its message boards every day. The message board is split into many categories including forums dealing with youth, education, activism and even a white nationalist singles forum. The forum also has an international section with different message board set aside for countries such as Britain and Serbia.

In the days leading up to November 4th many white nationalists were posting of fear that Obama would win while others tried to reassure their brothers and sisters that McCain would win easily. On November 5th, I read through hundreds of new thread topics like “2008 election marks great disaster for white race” and “Now is the time organize and take action!”. As I read through dozens of threads with hundreds and hundreds of responses the overall theme was one of fear, anger, and hate. One thread was entitled “The Obama Presidency; What are you going to do about it?” I saw many disturbing responses. People talked about increasing their gun and ammo supplies whereas others replied that they were going to double their donations to “pro-white causes.”

The topic of, in their words, “getting rid” of Obama also came up on many of the discussions. Many responses are indignant for example “I hope he gets what’s coming to him!” . Many members questioned whether Obama was really a natural born US citizen and conspiracy theories of how he stole the election also were discussed. For many white nationalists, the idea of an election of a “non-white” was something that could never happen during their lifetime. Many cannot comprehend that it actually did and will never accept it. It’s apparent that for many people active on the message board, even interracial relationships are unacceptable.

Even though this is an internet message board, the message is clear and cannot be taken lightly. Activism among white nationalists will rise dramatically in the wake of Obama’s victory. Many white nationalists on the message board talked about “coming out of the white nationalist closet” and preaching their views to friends and others in order to increase their numbers. For many an Obama presidency brings hope and pride but for white nationalists it stirs hateful reactions.

The Obama victory will not cure the problem of racism and white nationalism in this country but we must not be deterred by the white nationalist views that Obama is not capable to lead this country because of his skin color. We must all look forward to the next four years with hope and optimism and not be held back by bigoted views. The next four years are an opportunity for America to get back on the right track and we must all trust that our new leader will steer us in a positive direction.

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