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Anti-immigrant Extremist Eyes Emanuel’s Congressional Seat

Rev. David L. Ostendorf • Jan 09, 2009

Just when you thought you had heard it all when it comes to Illinois politics, along comes anti-immigrant extremist Rosanna Pulido in a run for Rahm Emanuel’s vacated seat in the 5th Congressional District.

A field representative of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) - identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center - and an active member of FAIR’s Hispanic front “You Don’t Speak for Me,” Pulido is one of a bevy of candidates (close to twenty) running for the seat in the upcoming primary. She rounds out her resume as Director of the Illinois Minutemen Project and an outspoken critic of the Catholic Church. We can only hope that the state’s Republican Party will have the backbone to disavow any affiliation with her candidacy.

Pulido’s vitriol aimed at the Catholic Church is unlikely to advance her electoral aspirations in Chicago. In a public forum in October 2007 her attitude toward the Church seemed to have gotten the best of her when she said “The Catholic Church is not Catholicism. It has nothing to do with Christianity or the Bible.” Of the Catholic Church and immigration she stated at the same forum, “What better way to fill your pews and fill your offering coffers than with inviting in and giving sanctuary to illegal aliens.”

Ironically, she is appearing today before the conservative Catholic Citizens of Illinois, ostensibly to tout her candidacy. While Pulido proclaims a strong pro-life stance, her deep association with the population control - and eugenics-rooted Federation for American Immigration Reform is little short of duplicitous. FAIR’s significant financial support from the Pioneer Fund, which has promoted eugenics and “scientific racism” over the years gives clue to its baseline position aimed at reducing population growth-especially when it comes to people of color.

Chicagoans must have been shocked in 2007 when Pulido told a Congressional Subcommittee that their city “is under siege from illegal aliens.” It may have been of some comfort to city residents, however, to learn from her that their property tax increases were the result of “bilingual education, free health care, and other services” provided the “illegal aliens.” Perhaps to equalize public expenditures, Pulido suggested in May of last year that the Chicago Police Department be issued AK-47s to protect Minuteman Civil Defense Corps President Chris Simcox from immigrant rights groups protesting his speech at DePaul University.

Welcome to the race for Illinois’ Fifth Congressional District. Let’s hope that no more of the State’s countless stellar politicians of either party decide to abandon office any time soon. our hands are full already, and we really can’t bear any more-to turn a phrase-of the richness of embarrassments they have heaped upon us.

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