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Pulido Damages Illinois Republicans With Anti-Islamic Statements

Jill Garvey • Mar 25, 2009

Rosanna Pulido is the Republican candidate for Illinois’ 5th Congressional Seat formerly occupied by Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel. As the director of the Illinois Minuteman chapter, Pulido has been a regular on Chicago’s anti-immigrant scene for years. Generally viewed as an outspoken puppet for more polished anti-immigrant outlets like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), she has recently secured her fifteen minutes of fame as the Republican nominee for Congress (mind you this only required 745 votes out of 54,558). Despite the slim chances of Pulido securing the seat, she is fitting right into Chicago’s penchant for political drama. But this time it does not involve bribes or money, just plain ignorance.

The website http://rosannapulidoisafreeper.wordpress.com/ was recently launched by a sharp-eyed anonymous blogger who made the connection between Pulido and a frequent poster on Free Republic called Chicagolady. Rosanna Pulido aka Chicagolady has been posting juicy commentary on the conservative site as far back as 2001. As I scrolled through Pulido’s comments I was particularly shocked to come across this one made in response to a discussion about men at mosques, kneeling in prayer:

This is a vile and horrible way to depict the daily prayer rituals of Muslims. I decided to investigate who was publicly endorsing Rosanna and if they shared her anti-Islamic views. I looked up her campaign site and one man stood out, Moon Khan.  According to the website Friends of Moon Khan “Mr. Khan is the first Asian American elected as a Trustee of York Township, DuPage County, and the first Muslim elected in the state of Illinois.” “A fervent champion of the rights of new immigrants and people of various ethnic groups, Moon ably served on the board of Illinois Ethnic Coalition, which drew primary funding from the American Jewish Committee and several other prominent social service organizations.”

Impressive. I spoke to Mr. Khan by phone and asked him if he was aware of Ms. Pulido’s comments. He told me he had sent her an email about the matter and she admitted to making the comment. She sent the following email to Khan in response.

Dear Moon,

While this derogatory statements were made in 2003, I have no excuse for what I said. When I see this I look back six years ago and think, What was I thinking? The reason that I am a woman of faith is because , know that I really miss the mark many times. What is worse, I have hurt a friend like you. I ask your forgiveness and I am sorry if I have hurt you.

It is a good lesson for me to see that things I say will stay around for a life time and can end up hurting people. I will immediately take down your endorsement if you wish.

Please extend my sincere apology to your friend also. I am glad that I am sensitive enough to feel shame. I feel ashamed of my words. All I know to do now is say I am sorry.

Mr. Khan said he believes Ms. Pulido to be sincere and he has accepted her apology. He will continue to endorse her candidacy for Congress and said he is doing so “in the tradition of Islamic philosophy of forgiveness.” Fair enough. It sounded like Rosanna had a one-time slip of the tongue, so I was surprised by what she’s been saying since then.

It appears her religious disdain extends beyond Islam and into Catholicism (her own faith apparently). As a contributor to this blog reported in January, Pulido stated at a public forum in October 2007,

“The Catholic Church is not Catholicism. It has nothing to do with Christianity or the Bible.”

Of the Catholic Church and immigration she stated at the same forum,

“What better way to fill your pews and fill your offering coffers than with inviting in and giving sanctuary to illegal aliens.”

As recently as March 21, 2009, Pulido harshly criticized Chicago’s Cardinal George for his appeal for humanity on behalf of immigrants. She told ABC news,

“Cardinal George is responsible for every illegal immigrant who dies while crossing the border coming over here because he is luring them.”

If that isn’t enough of a distortion of the truth, she had this to say about President Obama in October 2008.

Ted Hayes by the way is a fiercely anti-immigrant African American in California who has also worked extensively for FAIR to drive a wedge of mistrust between African American and Latino communities.

Pulido’s loathing doesn’t stop with Obama; she appears to despise all liberals. On December 31, 2003 Rosanna posted this comment,

Yikes. Pulido obviously has some work to do on bi-partisanship. But does she just hate liberals or is her problem with all of politics? In January 2008 she agreed with a fellow poster on Free Republic that US politicians should be hung for treason…I assume this was before she actually considered becoming one of them.

Even though they must be old friends from her days of guarding the Arizona border with her fellow Minutemen, it is interesting that Rosanna would be excited by the support of Simcox.

Chris Simcox is a militant nativist whose erratic behavior has led many to believe he is dangerous and possibly mentally ill. At an event in 2003 he said about immigrants, “They’re trashing their neighborhoods, refusing to assimilate, standing on street corners, jeering at little girls walking on their way to school.”

This is just a sampling of Rosanna’s troubling associations and extremely bigoted viewpoints. Rosanna believes she is ‘sensitive enough to feel shame’ and I hope she is, as she has many more statements for which to be ashamed. I’m sure more damaging statements will surface, and I will be interested to see if Pulido’s fellow Illinois Republicans continue to support her.

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