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Back to Basics on Abortion

Jill Garvey • Jun 06, 2009

I am conflicted on abortion. It has always made me uncomfortable to reconcile cherishing the miracle of conception and preserving the lives of women. Late-term abortions, especially, make me very sad. When I put myself in the shoes of women who make that choice, I cannot fathom their circumstances. As a woman who has lived all my life with opportunity and support from those around me, I will never come close to understanding a woman in that position.

So I stopped trying to understand and started working to change a system that forces women to make such desperate choices. It is not my place to judge a woman whose shoes I will never have to walk in. The late Dr. Tiller was performing abortions for women who would have tried to abort themselves. Women who 60 years ago would have killed themselves in the process.

Where will these women go now? Dr. Tiller’s killer has more than one person’s blood on his hands. The violence that was brought upon one doctor in Kansas, was really a violent act against every woman in America. An extremist man was sending a message, if you fight for freedom for women, you deserve to die.

And for those who are conflicted, like me, and think it best not to speak out, remember there are fewer abortions in countries where it is legal than in countries where it is not. Freedom, it has been proven over and over again, preserves life. Those who violently oppose abortion, have effectively invalidated the term “pro-life”.

I can’t tell you when life begins, but I can tell you when it ends; when freedom is denied. All through history human beings have sought to control one another. When free-will is taken away, it snuffs out what it is to live. Women need the freedom to choose and doctor’s who are free to help them.

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