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No Doubt About It, Glenn Beck is Racist

Jill Garvey • Feb 06, 2010

glennbeckRemember the time Glenn Beck suggested that President Obama was burning down the country by trying to repair the immigration system? When he pretended to be the President in a skit in which he doused an actor with make-believe gasoline and lit a match? Or the time he called President Obama racist? That was idiotic and insulting. But what he did Thursday was worse. Because this time he didn’t just insult the President, he insulted all of America.

Many of us know already what an obnoxious bigot Beck is, but somehow he has managed to keep his FOX network TV show and nationally syndicated hate radio platform. What he said a few days ago should leave no doubt about it, Beck is racist.

BECK: He chose to use his name, Barack, for a reason. To identify, not with America — you don’t take the name Barack to identify with America. You take the name Barack to identify with what? Your heritage? The heritage, maybe, of your father in Kenya, who is a radical? Really? Searching for something to give him any kind of meaning, just as he was searching later in life for religion.

A coalition of organizations, which includes America’s Voice, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), Center for New Community, Color of Change, NCLR (National Council of La Raza), Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, and Media Matters, swiftly responded by releasing the following statement:

Glenn Beck’s comments reveal the depth of his failure to grasp the true nature of America and of the American people. Ours is a nation of immigrants. Ours is a nation of proud individuals who celebrate their heritage as surely as they love the country in which they live. Ours is a nation that draws strength from its diversity, rather than rejecting it. And America is not a country that defines citizenship or patriotism based on color, or creed, or name.

In 2004, Senator Barack Obama explained that when growing up, he possessed “the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too.” And he was right. It does. Mr. Beck’s inability to accept this fundamental quality of our nation — or at the very least his willingness to pander to those who reject it — should trouble us all. He owes an apology to the people of this great country.

Glenn Beck is accustomed to crossing the line; it’s his shtick - say outrageous things, cause controversy, increase ratings, collect fat paycheck from FOX and repeat. It could be described as pure greedy opportunism but for the nasty hatred present in every rant.

As Americans, we are well known for our love of low-brow entertainment à la Jerry Springer. We get a kick out of the tacky, self-inflicted humiliation of our fellow Americans. Beyond lacking taste and incurring disdain from our international friends, there’s not much wrong with it.

But there is a line to be drawn between mere crappy TV and hate-mongering. Beck is that line. He is a bully and self-appointed expert on what it is to be “American”, which, ironically, makes him decidely un-American. It’s time to tell Beck to take his inflated ego and hateful rhetoric, and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

It’s time to tell Glenn Beck to shut up.

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