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Palin’s 100k Speech Fails to Unite Teabaggers

Imagine 2050 Staff • Feb 07, 2010

Question: Was Sarah Palin paid $100,000 to rehash a speech from her 2008 vice-presidential campaign?

Answer: You betcha!

On the final night of the National Tea Party Convention, Sarah Palin wooed the audience with some of her trademark one-liners but failed to give the audience anything of substance to take home. Her speech, which was hurried and directionless, did manage to articulate a conservative message which carried across Tea Party and Republican lines.

Sarah hammered on time-worn issues such as upholding the constitution, fiscal responsibility, and reducing taxes. She stayed away from social issues like immigration and preserving Judeo-Christian culture and values. She did this to the chagrin of the die-hard teabaggers who had spent the last two days pushing anti-immigrant rhetoric and praying to God to help them defeat their enemies.

Palin also stated she would not be gaining financially from this event. Something many speakers were quick to point out during the three day convention. Sarah went on to say she was going to put her speaker fees back into the movement. Of course, this was a popular with the audience.

In the end, Sarah did not lay out much of a future for the Tea Party movement other than to say she would be endorsing some candidates who followed the movement’s “ideals”. Way to make a commitment, Sarah!

Before the banquet, during the first part of the day, the convention’s focus was on discussing the future of the movement. A panel about this featured Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express and two men who might have been vying for the award of most self-absorbed and egotistical, Mark Skoda of the Memphis Tea Party and Dave DeGerolamo of NC Freedom. While Mark and Amy were in agreement that the party should endorse specific candidates for office, Dave was not afraid to voice his opposition to this idea. He was concerned that Tea Party members would not take the time to research candidates that shared their views but would instead let others do the choosing. He went so far as to say that if you weren’t willing to take a closer look at a candidate’s position on issues than you shouldn’t even vote.

Mr. Skoda kept pressing that a tea party member’s vote was the most important tool they had in their fight to take back Washington. During the discussion panel both men shamelessly plugged their break-out sessions which were to take place within the next hour. Clearly outlining divisions in the movement, Skoda’s session was a candidate meet-and-greet while DeGerolamo’s session bragged about what great things NC Freedom was up to next.

And what of Roy Beck? Well, apparently Mr. Beck’s flight back to D.C. yesterday was canceled which left him stranded with the teabaggers. For the next two days, Mr. Beck was spotted wandering the convention aimlessly looking for others with which to share his anti-immigrant message. He found one listener in Mark Skoda who was seen conversing with Beck for an extended period of time. Later that evening, a clearly disinterested Beck left during Palin’s speech. One wonders if Mr. Beck left because Sarah Palin didn’t talk about immigration or because he’d heard the same speech during the McCain campaign two years ago? The answer ]may never be known.

In the end, it wasn’t just Sarah Palin who didn’t give much for the audience to take home, it was the convention itself that failed to articulate a unified next step for the movement. The two main themes that most people were forced to take away from the event were lessons on internet usage and complicated get-out-the-vote strategies. While important to some in attendance, this should have never come with a $558 dollar price tag.

So much for fiscal responsibility.

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