An Open Letter to Mark Krikorian

Eric Ward • Mar 19, 2010

mailboxMark Krikorian
Executive Director
Center for Immigration Studies
1522 K Street N.W., Suite 820
Washington, DC 20005-1202

Dear Mr. Krikorian,

Thank you for your recent response regarding a post on the blog Imagine2050, entitled “Tanton Network Caught in Bed Again with Anti-Semites and Holocaust Deniers,” which ran September 13, 2009 at Feedback from readers is very important, particularly from individuals like you, who have “never heard of our site . . .”

Your comments on “Tanton Network Caught in Bed Again with Anti-Semites and Holocaust Deniers” indicate that you have given much thought to this particular blog post and I appreciate your frank appraisal of it. To be accurate, this blog post referenced an article under the byline of Steve Camarota, the Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research, which appeared in not one, but two editions of the anti-Semitic American Free Press. It was first published as an article on August 31, 2009 and then—of all things—as part of a fundraising appeal on September 7, 2009.

At this point it is unclear to me if you are suggesting that this article was submitted by Steve Camarota to American Free Press without your permission, or if you are suggesting that American Free Press ran the article without approval of the Center for Immigration Studies. Either way, we are glad to have been of assistance in bringing this matter to your attention, and in helping you determine the origin of Mr. Camarota’s article in a white nationalist newspaper. I look forward to your clarification on this matter.

I regret that you are unable to obtain a copy of the articles on the web, but as you surely know everything that appears in print does not necessarily appear on the web. You might contact American Free Press directly for copies of its publication, rather than requesting them through us. However, if CIS would like to obtain copies of the American Free Press articles through Imagine2050 we would be happy to provide them. Please do not hesitate to contact me about a pricing guide for research and material requests if you decide to go this route.

Frankly, I am a little confused as to why the religious background of your senior staffer, Stephen Steinlight, is relevant to your letter to Imagine2050. Are you suggesting Mr. Steinlight’s background serves as some “totem” against political extremism?

Would you also argue that because blacks fought on the side of the South during the civil war, the Confederacy had nothing to do with white supremacy? Does your employment of Stephen Steinlight somehow change the anti-Semitic background of American Free Press?

Rather than distortion, as you claim, the blog post is based on the Center for Immigration Studies’ controversial history, including:

  • Over the last year CIS has distributed nearly fifty articles to its members and supporters from the website VDARE. VDARE is a white nationalist website that is named after Virginia Dare, allegedly the first white child born in North America. VDARE contributors include anti-Semitic writer Kevin McDonald.
  • CIS seems unable or unwilling to distance itself from white nationalist John Tanton. According to correspondence, James Edwards, author of the latest report by the Center for Immigration Studies and a CIS Fellow, appears to have been a paid lobbyist for John Tanton.
  • Your own byline, along with that of CIS Fellow James Edwards, and former Chairman of the CIS Board David Simcox, appears in John Tanton’s The Social Contract Press, a publication that routinely publishes works by white nationalist writers, including John Vinson.
  • Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) was founded in 1985 as a project directly under the control of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). John Tanton raised millions of dollars for the Center for Immigration Studies. John Tanton has made comments that have been deemed racist. John Tanton also wrote that hate crimes laws in Europe “. . . have generally been pushed by Jewish interests who are offended by those who have challenged the received version of the Holocaust.” The “those” in Tanton’s statement are also generally known as Holocaust Deniers and Holocaust Revisionists.

I welcome the opportunity to hear your responses to these matters. Until then, thank you for writing. Good luck getting to the bottom of how Mr. Camarota’s article appeared in not one, but two issues of the despicable American Free Press.

Imagine 2050 Newsletter

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