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Rebecca Poswolsky • Apr 26, 2010

BLOG ON FAIRThe John Tanton Network is having a field day in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Week. Last week, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), Negative Population Growth (NPG), and Progressives for Immigration Reform, (PFIR), shared the same message. Linked together by hate, each of these organizations used Earth Week to blame environmental degradation on immigrants. Groups under the Tanton umbrella are once again attempting to infiltrate environmental constituencies.

These anti-immigrant groups have a unified vision for a sustainable future.   They promote US population stabilization, lower levels of immigration and, throughout Earth Week, they honed in on it.  They argue that the connection between US immigration levels and US population must be environmentalists main focus.  The question is why? Lets examine where these groups are coming from to get a better sense.

Notorious hate group, FAIR, was founded by John Tanton who solicited and received over $1.2 million from the Pioneer Fund. The Pioneer Fund has a history of promoting the genetic superiority of white, European-Americans. FAIR‘s Earth Day report states,

“Immigration is the primary factor that fuels demand for new housing construction as secondary migration, spurred by record-setting levels of immigration into existing cities, spawns urban and suburban sprawl… Any credible population policy must address immigration. Environmentalists looking for a population policy compatible with their goals for a sustainable ecological future will find it here.”

NumbersUSA was founded in 1997 under the financial umbrella of Tanton’s U.S., Inc. and, like FAIR, takes on population stabilization to entrench an anti-immigrant position in the environmental community claiming,

“NumbersUSA does not take a position on any environmental issue other than immigration’s role. Whatever your stance on various governmental efforts to combat environmental problems, we all can be united in the understanding that immigration is creating the double whammy of creating great pressures for more and more regulation to control environmental consequences while negating any positive effects.”

This renewed “greening” of FAIR and its allies is but a piece of a strategy to lure progressives and environmentalists into its anti-immigrant web. Local and national environmental leadership should see these resurgent attacks as an opportunity to speak out aggressively against organized bigotry. Environmental organizations cannot afford to remain silent in the face of anti-immigrant activists who are attempting to speak on its behalf.

NPG, financed by FAIR, states this week, “In order to truly protect our environment, population growth must be slowed, halted, and eventually reversed. Only by achieving a smaller, truly sustainable U.S. and world population can we ever expect to fully protect our environment.” CAPS added flames to the fire with racially explicit tones around population control and with financial support from the Pioneer Fund has clear interest in this topic as well. CAPS and NumbersUSA published a piece attacking Birth Right Citizenship where they assert,

“ Unrestrained mass immigration—with one million legal immigrants and at least three times as many illegal immigrants entering the nation each year—and the elevated birth rates among those immigrants has, in just a quarter of a century, set the stage to remake the ethnic, cultural and political dynamic of the United States.”

Last, but not least, an opinion piece written by the chairman of PFIR and president of Population Institute and the Population Media Center, William Ryerson claims, “Population growth has outpaced the green movement. People today are more environmentally conscious, more energy efficient and far more likely to recycle - but there are a lot more people on the planet.” FAIR‘s front group, PFIR is simply another addition to a growing list of anti-immigrant groups being set up under the Tanton Network.

It is the intention of these groups to push overtly racist ideologies of exclusion in environmental circles. Organizations with ties to the Pioneer Fund and the Tanton Network do not represent environmentalists, but rather bigots.  Environmentalists will not be the back bone desired for preserving the white race nor will we passively allow groups like FAIR, NumbersUSA, CAPS, NPG, and PFIR to use sustainability rhetoric during Earth Week to promote racism.

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