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Arizona Militia Plans Anti-immigrant Activities on Cinco de Mayo

Stephen Piggott • May 03, 2010

A posting on the website ArizonaMilitia.com this week stated:

Arizona Citizens Militia calls on Arizonans to celebrate “Cinco de Ammo” by asking everyone to purchase five boxes of ammunition on 5 May 2010

In the aftermath of the passing of the racist S.B. 1070 in Arizona, thousands of people took to the streets throughout the county in protest of the bill. Militias, white nationalists and anti-immigrant activists have chosen May 5, Cinco de Mayo, as their day of protest against immigrants. The neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) have at least one anti-immigrant protest rally planned for May 5. An NSM member posted this comment on the white nationalist message-board Stormfront last week:

The National Socialist Movement is sponsoring a literature drive on May 5th to counter the demonstrations you know will be all across America as they cry about the recent AZ law enacted to enforce immigration laws. Participation in the 4th Region is mandatory, everyone on the streets !!! Let’s give White Americans something to celebrate on May 5th and do your part to
deport an illegal on May 5th!!

Since the inauguration of Barak Obama as President of the United States almost a year and a half ago, there has been a sizable increase in the amount of militia activity in the United States. The election of Obama sparked wild rumors on the far right that he would be taking away peoples guns and rights to purchase guns from the moment he took office. These rumors sparked a massive increase in the amount of guns and ammunition purchased in the lead up to Obama’s inauguration and his first months in office. Since Obama’s election we have seen a number of examples of militia activity across the country the most famous of which being the raid against the Hutaree militia in March. Obama’s election however is not the only reason for the increase in gun sales and militias. The rise in anti-immigrant sentiment and the collapse of the economy are two other important reasons.

Anti-immigrant activists have a long history of supporting and calling for militias which they feel is a key asset in their immigrant bashing arsenal. A few weeks ago a group called the Cochise County Militia announced it would be setting up a “private military company” to patrol the U.S./Mexico border. This comes after a lawyer from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the legal arm of the anti-immigrant hate group FAIR, wrote a paper where he endorsed armed militias.

The events that have occurred since election of Barak Obama are a wake-up call for anyone who thinks that militias were a thing of the 1990’s. Militia groups have found a niche in the anti-immigrant movement and clearly feel welcome there. It’s not hard to see why when you have “mainstream” anti-immigrant organizations like the ones in the John Tanton Network openly calling for federalism and armed militias.

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