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FAIR President Dan Stein To Appear On Democratic Party Panel

Jill Garvey • May 19, 2010
Dan Stein

Dan Stein

John Tanton

John Tanton

Is the Dallas County Democratic Party reverting to the old habits of racist democrats from the deep South? You might think so by looking at its panel tonight.

Featured on a special Democratic forum about immigration in North Texas is none other than Dan Stein, president of the nativist group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). FAIR’s legal arm, Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), is persistently representing Dallas suburb Farmers Branch in a multimillion dollar, Arizona-style showdown with the Constitution. Not surprisingly, the draconian ordinance IRLI is pushing in Farmers Branch was created by anti-immigrant darling Kris Kobach, and was twice deemed unconstitutional by U.S. District judges.

Dallas Democratic Party leaders must know all this, so it makes one wonder why they would ever consider Dan Stein a legitimate panelist. Just a few weeks ago FAIR’s racist roots and controversial founder, John Tanton, were exposed on The Rachel Maddow Show. Rather than provide a rational explanation or just own up to the criticism, Dan Stein decided it was a good idea to go on The Rachel Maddow Show and lie about everything. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to FAIR, IRLI, and the entire John Tanton Network of anti-immigrant groups.

For example, IRLI is the same group that recently produced a paper justifying the creation of what it calls “well regulated militias.” Just a week before the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing no less, which was perpetrated by a man born out of the white militia movements of the 1990s. Sensitivity has never been IRLI’s strong suit as it’s amassed an impressive record of treading on the civil and individual liberties of Americans. A decade before writing Arizona’s new unconstitutional racial profiling law SB-1070, IRLI’s lead counsel Kris Kobach, a Professor at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law (UMKC), was a senior official at the Department of Justice during the passage of the Patriot Act.

One of FAIR’s main objectives is to foster anti-immigrant action at the local level by promoting or supporting dozens of state-level groups. The troubling activities of FAIR-supported state groups are practically endless. Case in point, Concerned Citizens and Friends of illegal Immigration Law Enforcement (CCFIILE) is a Massachusetts-based group promoted on FAIR’s website as a state contact that not only engages in crude immigrant bashing, but dedicates most of its content to anti-Semitic videos and holocaust revisionism. It’s an unapologetic and ugly display of neo-Nazi propaganda. When we reported this in a March blog post, CCFILE’s director wrote me the following email:

CCFIILE is proud of what we do. Since the Zionist caused a multiple of our immigration problems in the first place going back to the 20’s we will expose ILLEGAL immigration and the harm it is doing to the USA and our town. As to the holocaust we will debate anybody. Unfortunately no takers have come forward except to slander and defame us. We will take you all on for freedom of speech. If you don’t like that then you can go to hell.

Joe Rizoli

Another example of a FAIR state contact promoting racist ideas is the Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control. The group recently sent out two disturbing messages to supporters. The first promoted the racist, anti-immigrant British National Party (BNP), and the second promoted something called Caste Football, a website devoted to the superiority of white athletes. Caste Football is registered to Don Wassall who is the executive director of the white nationalist organization American Nationalist Union and publisher of The Nationalist Times newspaper.

These are just the activities of a few of FAIR’s state groups on the East coast! Imagine what one would find if they investigated all of FAIR’s contacts. Clearly, FAIR can’t be considered a trustworthy expert on immigration issues; not on democratic, nor any other political panel.

If Dallas’ Democratic Party wants to save itself a headache (and a lot of probing questions), it should probably rethink hosting Dan Stein and FAIR. Especially before more skeletons come creeping out of their closet.

If anyone wants to help the Dallas Democratic Forum get the message, leave them a voice mail at 214-855-7151.

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