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Theocratic Third Party Flexes its Muscle during 2010 Election

Eric Ward • Nov 05, 2010

While Americans around the country celebrated and mourned the election results of both Democratic and Republican party candidates.  The third largest political party in the United States was taking stock of all its hard work.  If you’re thinking of the Libertarian or Green Parties, you would be wrong. Those committed to an American democracy built on opportunity and inclusion would do well to take note of The Constitution Party in future elections.

Today the third largest party in America is The Constitution Party.  It’s vision of America calls for the political reversal of Constitutional Amendments that affirm the citizenship of African Americans, overturn the practice of chattel slavery, and guarantee the right of women to vote.  Unsurprisingly The Constitution Party also opposes hate crime legislation, immigration, and federal minimum wages.

Formerly known as the U.S. Tax Payers Party, The Constitution Party platform advocates that current United States laws should be substituted for Biblical law from the Old Testament.  Some of these laws call for the stoning of children for disobeying their parents and death for individuals who identify as Gay or Lesbian.

On election night The Constitution Party took another step towards its American nightmare.  The party ran 146 candidates for federal and states offices on the ballots.  This number doesn’t include dozens of others who ran as write in candidates.

While the vast majority of these candidates were unsuccessful in breaking the 5% vote barrier in their races some Constitution Party candidates, like Alabama’s Steven Kneussle and David Walter, received some of the largest percentages 12% and 16.8% respectively on election night. Eight other federal level candidates of the party in California, Colorado, Ohio, South Carolina, and Utah won over at least 5% of the electorate. Because many major party candidates win congressional races within the margin of 5% this could make The Constitution Party potential spoilers and with substantial influence in three way political races.

While limited in its election night success The Constitution Party delivered much for an organization that is only a little over 10-years old. Its biggest success came in the form of Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo and former Constitution Party member, Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle.

With support from Sarah Palin, Tancredo running under the banner of Colorado’s Constitution Party affiliate garnered 37% of the electorate on election night. Tancredo and the Constitution Party came in 2nd place nearly costing Republican Party ballot status in the state.  Sharron Angle who cut her political teeth within the confines of the Constitution Party came close to removing Senate leader Harry Reid from office on election night.

These races underlie the reality that this theocratic political party provides a revolving door for Republicans who are deemed too extreme such as Tancredo and former Republican and now Constitution candidate Ralph Davenport of South Carolina and a training ground for Republican candidates like Sharron Angle.  As tensions between traditional Republican leadership and its harder edge tea party activists continues to play out, the Constitution Party prepares itself to roll out the welcome mat.  Those committed to civil liberties, civil rights, and personal freedom need not apply.

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