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Apple tools used to promote bigotry, company ignores problem

MJ Olahafa • Nov 30, 2010

When it was announced two weeks ago that Apple approved an app by anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA, it quickly became clear that it was part of a pattern of controversial material promoted using the company’s platforms.

Apple’s online store has many apps pertaining to immigration including one for Arizona’s immigration laws and several for US citizenship tests, but disturbingly one can also find an app called ‘Illegal Immigration Game.’ This lovely app, which has a free and paid version, is described as a “fun and educational trivia game about illegal immigration and securing the nation’s borders.”

Visitors can also find the aforementioned app called NumbersUSA, created by the anti-immigrant organization of the same name. NumbersUSA is part of a network of groups with ties to white nationalists. Last week, Imagine2050 contacted Apple - as did over 240 petitioners - about the controversial nature of NumbersUSA. But so far the company has not commented or taken action.

NumbersUSA was established by John Tanton, who founded or supported dozens of anti-immigrant organizations over the past 30 years. In Tanton’s own words,

“I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.”

In a 1996 letter to now-deceased California multimillionaire and eugenicist Robert K. Graham, Tanton wrote,

“Do we leave it to individuals to decide that they are the intelligent ones who should have more kids? And more troublesome, what about the less intelligent, who logically should have less? Who is going to break the bad news [to less intelligent individuals], and how will it be implemented?”

These letters are indicative of Tanton’s advocacy for the controversial pseudo-science eugenics. Another indicator was Tanton’s receipt of $1.2 million to help build his network from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation which furthers research for racial eugenics. Racial eugenics was very influential during the early twentieth century – used to justify the atrocities of Nazi Germany and slavery in the United States – but was rejected by the American public and legitimate scientific communities after WWII.

This is the foundation from which Tanton created NumbersUSA.

Apple’s problems go deeper than NumbersUSA. I recently came across podcast episodes of The Political Cesspool on iTunes. The Political Cesspool is a radio show hosted by James Edwards, who publicly promotes neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and other extremists. Edwards runs in the same circles as former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke and ‘race realist’ Jared Taylor.

If James Edwards is allowed on iTunes, it’s no wonder NumbersUSA passed the Apple sniff test as well. It’s time for Apple to respond. iPhone and iPad users can report this app online or call Apple’s public relations line at (408) 974-2042. Or sign the petition at change.org.

Apple users deserve answers.

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