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Apple’s App Problem is Far from Over

Aaron Patrick Flanagan • Mar 28, 2011

Under pressure from activists nationwide, Apple has recently banned two homophobic “apps” issued separately by ManhattanDeclaration.org and Exodus International. Both represent moral attacks on all non-heterosexuals, suggesting respectively that their existence is an assault on the “unborn, the disabled, and the elderly” and that they can be “cured.”

Clearly, after initially fouling-up and approving such apps (as it often does), Apple has responded appropriately, but only after 146,000 individuals signed Truth Wins Out’s petition against the app. TWO’s Wayne Besen says: “The fact is, Apple rejects apps every day for inappropriate content and it is incomprehensible how this dishonest and deceptive product slipped through the cracks. What’s next? Anti-Semitic or openly racist apps under the banner of serving all customers?”

The answer to the previous question is, “Yes.” Apple continues to allow racist white power music and the works of NumbersUSA, an anti-immigrant group with ties to white nationalists with their own app, to slip through such cracks.

NumbersUSA owes its existence to John Tanton, the white nationalist who is responsible for today’s anti-immigrant movement. For most, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is his apex organization.

FAIR first appeared in 1979 and over the years received sizable funding from the Pioneer Fund, a group that exists to fund research into the virulently racist faux-science of eugenics. Tanton soon recognized the critical need for an organization that could unite the agendas of myriad anti-immigrant groups. He formed US Inc. in 1981, which has funded and/or acts as a parent organization for Tanton Network mainstays such as ProEnglish, NumbersUSA, FAIR, and the Center for Immigration Studies.

US Inc. umbrella-ed NumbersUSA for its first five years. Since 2002, though, Roy Beck, NumbersUSA’s founder and CEO, began to carefully craft his group’s image as unbiased and genuinely concerned with the existences of Americans and immigrants alike. For example, Beck authored a treatise entitled, “‘No’ to immigrant bashing,” which appears on its website and underscores the ethical superiority of his group.

Superiority, as it seems, is a topic Beck is always eager to address, especially when one considers that his treatise only emerged after the following appeared on this blog: “NumbersUSA is Addicted to Bigotry.” Here’s a summary of Beck’s numerous entanglements with the Tanton Network and other anti-immigrant espousers of white nationalism:

  • Working directly under Tanton, Beck was the former Washington Editor of The Social Contract Press, the publishing arm of the Tanton Network. Tanton serves as its Publisher, and known white nationalist Wayne Lutton is its Editor. Lutton was an active leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) and has also written for the anti-Semitic Occidental Quarterly.
  • Beck authored pieces for The Social Contract from 1991 until 2005.
  • NumbersUSA released the video “Immigration 103—American Trauma: Jobs and the Economy,” which features the following three individuals as “activists” or “experts”: Roan Garcia-Quintana, Robert Rector, and John Fonte.
  • Garcia-Quintana was a featured speaker at the 2008 and 2010 CofCC National Conferences, where he was quoted as saying, “There are three types of people in the world: negroids, mongroids, and Caucasians.” He is now a CofCC Board Member.
  • Rector and Fonte both contribute to The Social Contract Press.
  • Beck was a featured speaker at the 1997 CofCC National Conference, the same year he started NumbersUSA. Here’s a photo of him presenting at that conference.
  • In August, Beck authored an article called, “Pro-Amnesty Groups are Killing Record Number of Illegal Aliens in Desert this Year.” It was so incendiary, its title was changed within hours; however, its URL remains unchanged.

Since its launch in June of 2008, over 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the iTunes store, and Beck is certainly attempting to sway anyone who may stumble upon their free, three-part app. Part Three, the “Action Board,” even provides users with pre-prepared letters and talking points. By eliminating the need for users to look up any numbers whatsoever, the “Action Board” will also fax letters straight from their iPhones and display said talking points after dialing Representatives for them.

If we are willing to educate en masse, just as petitioners have in opposition to other apps, than we must continue to inform Apple of the slick, codified rhetoric that NumbersUSA and Roy Beck issue daily through its own app. iPhone and iPad users can report this app via iTunes, call Apple’s public relations line at (408) 974-2042, or sign the petition at change.org.

When it comes to social justice, no issue is a single issue.

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