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Pseudo-Conservation Group Peddles Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Guest Blogger • Jun 14, 2011

By Nina Masters

Negative Population Growth, an anti-immigrant group financed by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently published a piece by NPG president, Donald Mann.

Mann, once stated, “We should give incentives to low-income people who agree to sterilization.”

Published on May 25, 2011, the piece by Mann voices intensely critical perspectives on how President Obama is addressing the border issue in the United States:

The El Paso speech laid out the immigration agenda that Barack Obama is determined to push in the coming months.  It includes a new push to get the DREAM Act through Congress and the President’s future speeches on this topic are sure to be rife with derogatory comments about concerned Americans like us – who are standing up to those who seek to dismantle our nation’s immigration laws.

Claiming that President Obama is “seek[ing] to dismantle our nation’s immigration laws” is representative of the closed-minded point of view that NPG and many other anti-immigrant groups harbor: that those crossing the border without representation pose a serious threat to the citizens of the United States—a threat that must be stopped at all costs. Rather than examining the rights and struggles of the undocumented immigrants, for NPG members the immigration issue is entirely about constructing an impermeable wall along the US’ southern border.

The NPG piece also take a clear position on the immigration debate, claiming that Obama is obstructing Arizona’s attempts to better enforce its immigration laws and preserve its own economic safety. Mann says,

Times are tough and Arizonians are already pretty cash-strapped in having to spend millions (much in privately-raised money) to defend their state against the Obama administration’s lawsuit to negate their efforts to better enforce immigration laws. So what’s a state to do when the feds also won’t build a wall to protect their border?

Despite the backlash against SB1070 and other Arizona statutes that have seemed unsavory and harbored elements of racial injustice and prejudice, Mann clearly allies himself with the lawmakers of Arizona and against Obama even.  Obama is critiqued for attempting to address immigration as a “civil rights issue” as opposed to a national security issue. It is important to note the aggressive tone maintained throughout this journal article, a tone which hints at the passion used by many anti-immigrant leaders.

Donald Mann continues to express his disdain for undocumented immigrants by overtly stating: “Please note, here at NPG we do not practice political correctness by using the term ‘unauthorized immigrants.’”

Groups that concern themselves with overpopulation and sustainability, such as Negative Population Growth, often operate under the radar.  They must continue to be exposed to the general public for the true anti-immigrant agendas and connections they hold. The environmental community is more aware of groups like NPG and ways that even border issues are used to unite anti-immigrant platforms with environmentalism.   Environmentalists are taking a stand against groups like NPG.

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