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Youth for Western Civilization Caught in Bed with Racist Groups…Yet Again

Stephen Piggott • Aug 16, 2011

Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), a student group with ties to white nationalism, has again been caught cavorting with a group that has racist ties. This time YWC is working with a neo-Confederate organization called League of the South.

In a now removed YouTube video, a YWC activist from Towson University in Maryland spoke about hosting a Confederate Commemoration Week on campus. The YWC activist was joined by a member of the Maryland chapter of the League of the South who underscored how the League of the South and YWC share similar goals and ideological foci.

The League of the South’s main aim is seeking “to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable [sic] means.”

The League of the South’s means, however, are far from honorable. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the League of the South as a hate group because of its white nationalist ideology. In 1998, League board member Jack Kershaw stated:

“Somebody needs to say a good word for slavery. Where in the world are the Negroes better off today than in America?”

The League recently held its annual conference in South Carolina, where the YouTube video featuring the YWC activist and the League of the South member was filmed.

Teaming up with other racist organizations is becoming a networking trend for YWC. For example, it is also forming a relationship with the openly racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC). The CofCC has called African Americans a “retrograde species of humanity.”

In addition, YWC has invited white nationalists such as Richard Spencer to speak to its chapters in the past. Youth for Western Civilization members have also attended CofCC national conferences, and have sought to establish relationships with European far-right political parties such as Belgium’s Vlaams Belang and European nationalist groups like Germany’s Pro Cologne and Austria’s Freedom Party. The group also allies itself with far-right politicians in the US such as Tom Tancredo. Virulent American white nationalist Jared Taylor recently collaborated with YWC for a fundraising event, as well.

The removed YouTube video is the second time in recent months that YWC has moved swiftly to erase from the Internet openly established links with white nationalists.

In May, an article appeared on Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance website advertising an event featuring a YWC activist, who was speaking at the Washington DC chapter of the CofCC. The article was removed hours later, and YWC leader Kevin DeAnna denied the connection between the CofCC and YWC.

It certainly seems that DeAnna and YWC are needing to work ridiculously hard to publicly separate itself from openly racist organizations. Strange PR tactics for a group who swears they maintain no ties to far-right extremists and hardliners nor are even bigots themselves.

As colleges around the country resume classes over the next month, YWC activists will be busy recruiting new members and hosting events on campuses. Students must take a stand against YWC, never allowing bigotry to fester at their schools.

Updated August 17th 3:30pm:
The above-mentioned video was removed from YouTube but not before anti-racist group One Peoples Project re-posted it on Vimeo.

Youth for Western Civilization and League of the South in Maryland from One People’s Project on Vimeo.

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