Your Saturday Immigration Rundown: 09.03.2011

Imagine 2050 Staff • Sep 03, 2011

Good morning! Hope everyone here in the US is enjoying their holiday weekend. We’ve compiled a pretty eclectic sampling of immigration related news from the past week. There are some vital and interesting reads in here, if we do say so. As always, Twitter handles for authors and organizations have been included whenever readily available. Please give @Imagine2050 a follow on Twitter, as well. Stay safe this weekend. Enjoy!


  • Interesting advances here: “Dream Act Bill Filed in Florida Legislature,” by Victoria Bekiempis, Brownard-Palm Beach New Times blogs. > click here
  • Uplifting ground-level news about some stand-up DIY professors down south: “Georgia Professors Offer Courses To Undocumented Students Barred From Public Universities,” by Marie Diamond (@thinkprogress), > click here
  • The title says it all: “Janet Napolitano: Deportation Numbers Will Be ‘Very Robust’ Under New Policy,” by Elise Foley (@elise_foley), Huffington Post. > click here
  • A big thanks to InformUSCitizens[dot]com for reposting our Wednesday piece on the Ozarks Minutemen: “Warning From Imagine2050,” by Cache Walker (@InformUSCitizen). > click here
  • An article that offers some follow-up the aforementioned from Wednesday: “Mayor says he will ask Ozarks Minutemen to withdraw E-Verify petition, craft replacement,” by Amos Bridges, > click here
  • Good news here: “Judge puts hold on Alabama immigration law,” by Mackenzie Weinger, > click here
  • Good report on some under-the-radar immigration new: “MALDEF: Lawsuit Necessary for Immediate Halt to New Mexico Governor’s Unlawful Driver’s License ‘Residency Certification Program’,” via MALDEF. > click here
  • More on the on-going struggles in Alabama: “De Leon: Alabama’s Immigration Law – Denying the American Dream,” by Erwin de Leon (@ErwindeLeon), (@Fi2W) > click here
  • Interesting piece on how DHS terrorism classifications relate to/disrupt immigration statues: “NIJC Files Freedom of Information Act Request Regarding the Terrorism Bar,” by Ashley Huebner, via the National Immigrant Justice Center (@NIJC). > click here
  • of the week: The Immigration Daily, from Matthew Kolken (@mkolken) of Kolken & Kolken Immigration Lawyers, 716-854-1541. > click here
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