Your Saturday Immigration Rundown: 09.10.2011

Imagine 2050 Staff • Sep 10, 2011

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’ve got a big batch of amazing articles this week. We came across so much excellent work, it was extremely difficult to narrow this down, so we thought we’d just toss a bunch your way. Pay special attention to our first bullet point, as the NCDREAMTeam is in need of support. Be sure to check out their blog. As always, Twitter handles have been included whenever possible. Please give @Imagine2050 a follow on Twitter, as well. Have a great weekend! Happy reading.


  • Be sure to check > > daily for updates on the demos and arrests that took place there this week (via @DomenicPowell & @NCDREAMTeam)
  • Here’s the first of two must reads from Elise Foley. In this piece, anyone can see to what extent the John Tanton Network of anti-immigrant groups are seeking to dictate immigration discourse at such a high level : “Republican Candidates Urged To Talk Tough On Undocumented Immigration,” by Elise Foley (@elise_foley), Huffington Post. > click here
  • “Immigration: GOP Candidates Finally Talk About It,” by Elise Foley (@elise_foley), Huffington Post. > click here
  • Moving piece by Erica Pearson: “Woman ‘desperate’ to get husband who’s facing deportation home before she gives birth,” by Erica Pearson (@ericat1000), New York Daily News. > click here
  • Interesting angle on emigration that we don’t hear the John Tanton Network whining about, for some reason: “Americans flee north of the border for jobs,” by John Ferri of the Global Post, via the Tucson Sentinel. > click here
  • To be filed under “H” for Hypocrisy: “NM governor, tough on illegal immigrants, acknowledges grandparents came to US illegally,” by Russell Contreras for AP, via The Morning Call. > click here
  • Interesting labor development here: “AFL-CIO Goes To Bat For Undocumented Workers,” by Dave Jamieson (@dave_jamieson), Huffington Post. > click here
  • A moving first-hand account of what being deported feels like: “The Story Of A Young Artist’s Deportation: ‘In The Land That Saw My Birth, But Is No Longer My Own’,” by Dani Zamora, Huffington Post. > click here
  • More excellence from Erica Pearson: “Immigrant relatives of 9/11 victims in limbo waiting for green cards,” by Erica Pearson (@ericat1000), New York Daily News. > click here
  • A personal take on what the NC demos and arrests represent: “Ground Zero in North Carolina: When Dream Freedom Fighters and (White) Cops Collide,” by Prerna Lal (@redhotdesi), > click here
  • A piece that flies in the face of the anti-labor sentiments currently festering in this country: “Field of broken dreams,” by Twilight Greenaway (@twyspy), Grist. > click here
  • Update on the Cook County versus Secure Communities/ICE stand-off: “Jail to ignore immigration holds unless feds pay,” (via @EriwndeLeon) by Chip Mitchell, WBEZ 91.5. > click here
  • An amazing piece that definitely overlaps concerns for all those interested in Voter ID/immigration laws: “The GOP War on Voting,” by Ari Berman (@AriBerman), Rolling Stone. > click here
  • of the week: Immigration Integrity, from Expatriate Risk Management (@expatrisk). > click here
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