In Search of Myself

A week ago I was approached with a request to translate one of my recent essays into Bosnian. Easy enough, I thought. I would be writing about a familiar topic, in my native language. How difficult could that be? I … Continued


No Escape

I have been doing a sort of archeology of war in order to piece myself together and heal. Frequently, I come back to defining points in my war experience where I truly felt the impossibility of my existence and the … Continued

Letter to the First Man I Saw Die

I didn’t know your name but you became a part of my soul at instant of your death. I was sixteen and the war in Bosnia had just begun. Simply walking on the street became a game of Russian roulette. … Continued


Migrant Children in Greece:Unintended Victims of the “War on Terror”

Collateral Damage is one of those terms that we learn to use when talking about wars, but we seldom, if ever, stop to think what it entails. It’s a nice word that helps obscure the true nature of wars, and … Continued


Migrant Workers: The Last Best Hope for Labor Movement

Russia’s disregard for its migrant workers’ human rights is out of control. An already alarming situation is exacerbated with the current economic instability and the general public’s disinterest in their plight. Human Rights Watch recently came out with a comprehensive … Continued


EU Struggling to Preserve Human Rights

The European Union is facing a challenge regarding the preservation of human rights as the economic downturn creates fertile ground for governmental terrorism against socially marginalized people. Recession and job losses, rising crime and homelessness are all helping to refuel … Continued


“A Hungry Man is an Angry Man”

I received a frantic call from Sarajevo yesterday. My mother informed me that my sister’s already dismal pay was cut by almost half. Prior to this, she was told to work seven days a week for 11 hour shifts. This, … Continued


Reclaiming the Discourse on Single Motherhood

In these uncertain economic times, issues of crime and its social origin and impact are beginning to shape public discourse. Fear of social collapse often leads to scapegoating, and a reemerging focus on the negativity of single parenthood is just … Continued

New Citizenship and Identity Politics

Today I filled out my first application for an American passport and mailed it out. As I dropped the envelope in the mail box, I felt the significance of that moment. Symbolically, the envelope represented a tangible break with the … Continued


Bosnian Immigration Issue Symptom of International Corporate Robbery

International discourse on immigration and Human Trafficking in Western Europe has focused on Balkan states, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the main culprits. Illegal activity and organized crime in Bosnia, the implication of all Bosnians as corrupt, as … Continued