Bigotry in the Desert: Arizona Sheriff Investigates Obama’s Birth Certificate

In Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had a long history of promoting fear, anger and racism in Arizona with his policies and tactics.  From posing in a photo with a known white supremacist, to racial profiling, to the … Continued

Tucson School Board Upholding Ban on Books Discussing Race and Oppression

The ethnic studies program (MAS) within the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) has been a very successful program with a proven record. Students that participated in the program received higher grades and test scores on average and were more likely … Continued

Big Money & Bigger Shams: a Look Back at Pearce’s Recall

It is the first time an Arizona state senator has been successfully recalled.  It is also the first time a state senate president has been successfully recalled in the history of our nation. Former state senator Russell Pearce was defeated … Continued

The Anti-Immigrant Movement and the National Immigration Debate

Over the past two decades the anti-immigrant movement has dominated immigration discourse in America, leading to some of the harshest and most extreme policies and rhetoric in decades. This became true following the tragic events on September 11, 2001. Since … Continued


The Truth Behind the Ethnic Studies Debate In Arizona

In Tucson Arizona, students, teachers and allies have been engaged in a long, heated battle over ethnic studies education.  Signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer in May of last year, just three days after SB1070 was signed into law; … Continued


SB1070: A Story of Resistance and the Demise of Russell Pearce (Part II)

(Read Part I of this series here) The day before SB1070 was supposed to take effect, a federal judge ruled unconstitutional several of the more extreme portions of the law.   Despite hearing the news that SB1070 had been crippled by … Continued


SB1070: A Story of Resistance and the Demise of Russell Pearce (Part I)

Crafted by an extreme anti-immigrant movement with the unsaid goal of forcing a max exodus of a people out of Arizona and eventually the US, SB1070 serves as a large piece of a far right agenda.   As the law itself … Continued


Tea Party Leaves the Fake Tea at Home and Brings Bigots to the Party Instead: “U.S. has a higher standard of living because it is populated by white people”

In Arizona local Tea Party groups decided to hold a rally at the Arizona State capitol on April 15.  While you would think that this rally would be about spending or taxes or something like that, it was instead dominated … Continued


Arizona’s Immigration Debate and the Myth of Invasion

There is a sea of ignorance surrounding the immigration debate. In Arizona, the State Senate is steered by Senate President Russell Pearce, a voice of hatred. Arizona seemed on the brink of sinking further into the depths of bigotry with … Continued


Arizona’s Youth Stage Sit-in Against Hateful Legislation

Children from across the state of Arizona gathered at the State Capitol on Wednesday, March 16 to protest anti-immigrant legislation that organizers called “hateful and harmful to Arizona’s youth.”  The youth, ranging in ages from kindergarten to college, led a … Continued