Major Victories Over US Islamophobes & Anti-Sharia Laws

We would like to take a minute to reflect on some major victories this year over the Islamophobes. Florida defeated the anti-Sharia bill before its legislature this summer, but not without a fight. Emerge USA, the American Civil Liberties Union, the … Continued

Groups Take Strong Stance Against Border Militarization

Last week saw the National Day of Action against Border Militarization in which organizations across the country spoke out on one of the most controversial subjects in the immigration reform debate. Organizations from El Paso to Milwaukee joined the day … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Activists Fear New Citizens Will Lead to America’s Demise

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, 503, 104 people have naturalized this fiscal year, meaning this Fourth of July will be their first as citizens of the United States. While this ought to be a proud moment for them, … Continued

Ruling on Voting Rights Act Holds Major Implications for Immigrants

As the Senate approaches its final hours in a push to bring millions of immigrants into the American polity, millions of citizens are being pushed out of it. What does the gutting of the Voting Rights Act mean for newly … Continued

NC Undocumented Youth Hold ‘UndocuGraduation,’ Demand Tuition Equity

Today, North Carolina undocumented youth will be gathering in Raleigh for “UndocuGraduation” to demand equal access to education. North Carolina is a state that has been historically committed to education. It has the first public university in the country, and … Continued

FBI to Track Hate Crimes Against Sikhs, Hindus, and Arabs

More than two years after advocacy groups began urging the Federal Bureau of Investigation to track hate crimes against Sikhs, Hindus, and Arabs, the federal agency announced last week that it will finally start doing so in 2015. The Sikh … Continued

Like NSEERS, Entry-Exit System Could Pose Major Threat to Immigrants, Civil Liberties

Between now and the July 4 Senate recess, the term “entry-exit system” will be thrown around on the Senate floor more than a few times. The little-fought over component of immigration reform—it being innocuous enough for advocates of reform to ignore, yet … Continued

Eugenics in the Pop Culture Imagination

For the most part, the summer blockbuster movie season is about diversion, getting out and enjoying some computer-generated explosions, surround-sound and comfortingly familiar story arcs. What we don’t expect is to get a keenly delivered run-down of twentieth century American … Continued

OccupyGezi: How not to play into the hands of the Anti-Muslim Right

Confronted by constant coverage of massive street protests in Istanbul, sympathizers of what has been described as a largely secular anti-government youth movement should be wary of playing into the hands of right-wing American activists that hope to use the … Continued