Religious Communities Lend Support to Immigration Reform

Catholic, Evangelical and Jewish clergy and leadership are making the most of the August congressional recess by investing resources into the fight for fair, just immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  They are running radio ads, organizing special services, … Continued

DREAMers Deliver Cantaloupes to Steve King & Supporters

Young DREAMer activists with United We Dream, in coordination with United Farm Workers, spent yesterday morning delivering cantaloupes to 224 representatives who voted with Rep. Steve King of Iowa to end DACA, President Obama’s policy to halt the deportations of … Continued

We Are Them, They Are Us: Immigrants Behind Bars

 Over the weekend the Wall Street Journal reported the following headline, “Private prisons are likely to benefit from rewrite of immigration laws.”  The Wall Street Journal estimates that the federal prison population will increase by 14,000 people annually if immigration … Continued

Obama Administration Supports Monitor if ‘Stop & Frisk’ Struck Down

A few days ago the Obama Administration came out in support of a court appointed monitor in the event that stop and frisk is struck down. New York’s Stop and Frisk trial is nearly over and the city only awaits the … Continued

Immigration Opponents Humored by Death Threat Against Senator

On Wednesday the Eagle Forum hosted a telephonic briefing on proposed immigration legislation currently being considered by the U.S. Senate. Speakers for the briefing included a veritable who’s who in the orbit of discredited immigration “experts” and organizations including Stephen … Continued

Supporting Working Families with Immigration Reform

The AFL-CIO and the SEIU, two of the nations largest union federations, are standing up to republicans and business groups for fair wages in federal immigration reform.  While the group of bipartisan Senators, called the “Gang of 8,” working on … Continued


After Hurricane Sandy, Workers Rebuild

Amongst all the background noise of proposed national immigration reform, there are stories that demonstrate the power of collaboration, community organizing, and the “roll up your shirt sleeves” kind of hard work that our elected officials are unwilling to do. … Continued


Recall is our Right

Recently recall papers were filed by Respect Arizona against embattled Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. In addition to mounting criticism, Arpaio faces a racial profiling lawsuit from the Department of Justice, a class action suit based on his treatment of Latinos, and criticism for … Continued