Standing up to Standardized Testing

Earlier this month teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School (former home to Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee and Quincy Jones) held a press conference in front of TV reporters, students and colleagues to explain its reasons for refusing to administer the … Continued

Finally time for food safety?

On Friday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released two new, but long awaited, food safety rules that are part of Obama’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which passed two years ago. Food safety advocates have heralded the law as … Continued

Check out ChangeLab!

If you are not already reading ChangeLab, I am about to turn you on to an inspirational and thought provoking new site by the folks behind RaceFiles.  After more than 5 collective decades of struggle against racism in America and … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Measures Cost Thousands

There is new evidence that Arizona’s model for immigration control, created by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, is both ineffective and irresponsible. The San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday that Arizona police agencies have spent hundreds of thousands training officers … Continued


Food Safety Compromised by Poor Regulation and Working Conditions

Metal fragments in your Frosted Mini Wheats?  Salmonella in your organic peanut butter?  That’s just par for the course in modern day food production.  In the past two weeks alone, the FDA has recalled 44 foods for not meeting safety … Continued

Muslim American Community Goes to Court and Wins

Almost 11 years after 9/11, the Sikh and Muslim communities in New York City, and advocates for civil rights everywhere, are celebrating a big win.  For all these years Sikh and Muslim MTA (New York City’s public transit authority) employees … Continued