Colorado counties join Oregon, Philadelphia to end unconstitutional ICE holds

This week, two Colorado sheriffs announced that they will stop honoring requests from Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold immigrant detainees. The sheriffs join a growing number of Oregon counties and the city of Philadelphia as the latest municipalities … Continued


Don’t let population control alarmists derail Earth Day

Earlier this week, the UN released a report revealing that significant measures are urgently needed to avoid an environmental and humanitarian disaster. Meanwhile, some population control extremists are manipulating environmental discourse to blame immigrants for climate change. In our haste … Continued


Anti-immigrant think tank publishes dehumanizing, misleading report to undermine #Not1More protests

In advance of immigrant rights mobilizations planned for April 5, an anti-immigrant think tank published a misleading report titled “Catch and Release.” In the report, author Jessica Vaughan accuses the Obama administration of releasing “68,000 convicted criminal aliens” in 2013 … Continued


Attacks on in-state tuition, DACA part of larger plan to make life difficult for immigrants

  In Florida, the House is expected to vote today on one of many bills that would allow undocumented residents to pay the same tuition rates as other Florida students. On Tuesday, a Senate education committee narrowly approved a similar … Continued


Rights groups want to end mandate that keeps immigration detention beds full

Yesterday was the official launch of a campaign to end the bed mandate, a little known provision in the federal budget that requires the US to lock up 34,000 immigrants each day. This bed mandate, or quota, is rolled into … Continued


US District Court Rules Law Enforcement Liable for Unlawful ICE Holds

As state and local policies that would roll back entanglements between local law enforcement and ICE authorities advance, anti-immigrant groups have honed their messaging in order to dupe the public and to block common-sense legislation. A recent district court ruling … Continued


Fremont Votes to Keep Anti-Immigrant Ordinance

Yesterday, residents of Fremont, Nebraska voted to keep a discriminatory ordinance designed to drive undocumented immigrants out of town. The two-part policy bars undocumented immigrants from working and renting in town.  Originally approved in 2010 by a popular vote, the … Continued