Tanton Memo of the Month: Passive Eugenics

In 1975, John Tanton, the founder of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), wrote an interesting paper called The Case for Passive Eugenics. In the paper Tanton not only argues that Hitler’s reign “did little to advance the discussion … Continued


Tea Party Future as Predictable as the Weather

On the eve of Tea Party madness, hundreds of rallies are planned across the nation -nine in greater St. Louis, MO alone. In preparation for the big rally tea party goers are carpooling to Washington D.C. to participate in the … Continued


Tanton Memo of the Month - The Promotion of Eugenics

This month’s Tanton Memo of the Month focuses on John Tanton’s eugenics project, Society for the Advancement of Genetics Education (SAGE). In the mid 1990s, John Tanton, the founder of a host of anti-immigrant organizations, including NumbersUSA and the Center … Continued


Neo-Nazi Activities Target Immigrants

When I first heard about the National Policy Institute’s “Boycott the Glenn Beck Boycott,” I was a little surprised, but just a little. Due to Beck’s racially charged reporting, Color of Change launched a boycott targeting companies financially supporting Beck’s … Continued

Tanton Memo of the Month - U.S., Inc.

This February’s Tanton Memo of the Month* details a list of nearly 30 organizations founded by U.S., Inc., John Tanton’s financial “umbrella” organization. The other day I found this document in our archives. As I plied through a variety of … Continued


Sheriff Arpaio Joins Forces with Anti-immigrant Attorney

Joe Arpaio has found a new friend who is just as controversial as the sheriff himself. Kris Kobach and Arpaio appeared together at a press conference yesterday afternoon to unveil a new program that trains officers to target immigrants. Kobach, … Continued


Tanton Memo of the Month – Center for Immigration Studies

Every month, the Center for New Community releases one of John Tanton’s personal letters and/or memos, illustrating John Tanton’s close relationships with white nationalists and the formation of today’s anti-immigrant movement. The letters and memos are a public collection at … Continued


Anti-immigration is White Nationalism

After reading about the John Tanton Network’s relationship to eugenics and possibly sterilization, I finally broke down in tears. As a researcher who studies white nationalism and anti-immigration for a civil rights organization, the majority of what I read is … Continued

The Reality of White Nationalism

As an anti-racist activist, researching white supremacists, white nationalists, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis and anti-immigrant groups hasn’t always been easy, particularly when I’m trying to figure out the similarities and differences (and yes, there are MANY important differences) between each of these … Continued