NY Times: More deportations come after minor violations — or none at all

Activists this weekend showed up at demonstrations across the country to draw attention to the nearly two million deportations estimated to have occurred since 2008. While many groups were pushing state legislators to change immigration laws, protesters are increasingly turning … Continued


Fremont Votes to Keep Anti-Immigrant Ordinance

Yesterday, residents of Fremont, Nebraska voted to keep a discriminatory ordinance designed to drive undocumented immigrants out of town. The two-part policy bars undocumented immigrants from working and renting in town.  Originally approved in 2010 by a popular vote, the … Continued


For the Far-Right, Promoting America’s Diversity is Divisive

Aside from the Denver Broncos devastating loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday, the most talked about moment from Super Bowl XLVIII was a Coca-Cola commercial, titled, “America is Beautiful.” The 60 second spot featured a multilingual rendition of “America … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Movement Responds to Immigration Principles

House Republican leadership unveiled its long awaited list of immigration reform “principles” last Thursday during a conference retreat. The principles have been outlined in a document titled “Standards for Immigration Reform.” Among other things, the principles include calls for stronger … Continued

Nativism Watch

Robert Spencer Mocks Expansion of Racial Profiling Definition

With a few words and a hefty dose of sarcasm, anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer weighed in last week on reports that the Justice Department is expanding its definition of racial profiling to cover religion, national origin, gender and sexual orientation. For the … Continued


Going Beyond Dr. King’s “Dream”

Every year, mainstream media, the far Right, politicians, and clothing stores attempt to use Martin Luther King Jr.’s words and image to fit their agenda - one that is often antithetical to everything the Civil Rights leader ultimately stood for. … Continued


White Nationalist Anti-Immigrant Group Invokes King’s Legacy in New Ad

In a press release yesterday the anti-immigrant organization Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) announced a new television advertisement invoking the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The ad features dramatic photographs of unemployed workers while a narrator provides statistics … Continued


Remembering Nelson Mandela’s Pursuit of Justice, Equality for All

The global community suffered a terrible loss with the passing of Nelson Mandela last Thursday. Through his iconic efforts in pursuit of equality in South Africa, Mandela firmly established himself as a freedom fighter and became an inspiration to all … Continued