Cross-Post: Anti-Islam teachings ‘widespread’ in US law enforcement, campaigners warn

Originally posted by Ryan Devereaux in New York - guardian.co.uk,Friday 11 May 2012. A course at a military academy that taught US officers to prepare for “total war” with Islam does not represent an isolated incident, campaigners have warned. The … Continued


North Carolina Anti-immigrant Supporters Fail to Advance in Elections

Although marriage equality suffered a setback in North Carolina this week, not all of the news out of Tuesday’s elections in the Tar Heel State was bad. A few major players in the state’s anti-immigrant movement suffered serious setbacks. Ilario … Continued

Audio-blog: Racial Profiling Doesn’t Work, Not Even a Little Bit

In this episode of Imagine2050′s audio-blog we take a look at the issue of religious and racial profiling.  The Sikh Coalition has released a clever new app that allows users to immediately report racial profiling at the airport.  The Obama … Continued


Cross-Post: Justice Please: Reject Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law

Originally posted on April 28 by Whatsupsmiley. The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments on Wednesday in Arizona v. United States, regarding the Justice Department’s challenge to the controversial anti-immigration law in Arizona, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods … Continued


Nativism and Fascism: The Meaning of Anti-Immigrant Protests

By Joel Olson This article originally appeared June 15, 2010. I didn’t go to the pro-SB 1070 rally on the lawn of the Arizona capitol this weekend, even though I was in Phoenix. (I live in Flagstaff, about two hours … Continued


Anti-Muslim Leader Attacks Family of Murdered Woman

One of the nation’s most-prolific anti-Muslim leaders wasted no time seizing on the tragic murder of Shaima Alawadi. Pamela Geller wrote the following on her blog: Color me skeptical on this “hate crime” of the brutal murder of a Muslim … Continued


Bigotry in the Desert: Arizona Sheriff Investigates Obama’s Birth Certificate

In Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has had a long history of promoting fear, anger and racism in Arizona with his policies and tactics.  From posing in a photo with a known white supremacist, to racial profiling, to the … Continued


Cross-Post: Rick and Mitt Give Latinos a Reason to Turn Out for Obama in November

By Adam Serwer| Thu Feb. 23, 2012 for Mother Jones: Mitt Romney didn’t just praise Arizona’s draconian immigration law during Wednesday night’s GOP debate. He said it was a model for the country. “I think you see a model in … Continued


Islamophobes Gather on Day 2 of CPAC

Though most reports of Day 2 at CPAC will focus on the arrival of Newt Gingrich and his massive entourage, it was the event that Newt actually delayed, “Islamic Law in America: How the Obama Justice Department Is Selling Us … Continued