African American Men


Justice prevails for victims of 2005 racially motivated attack

On January 31, a hearing was held in Illinois’ Kankakee County Courthouse for a case brought by three young African-American men against four white men convicted of attacking them. The lawsuit states that while Vantis, Isaiah and Kenyon Coiley were … Continued


Ida B. Wells and the Campaign Against Lynching

We don’t know our own history. I aced the mandatory eighth grade Illinois Civics class in 1960, by repeating what I had been taught about Abraham Lincoln. But I was not taught about Ida B. Wells, the African-American journalist who … Continued

Law for the Rich, Law for the Poor

“Civil law is for the rich. Criminal Law is for the poor.” The trenchant words of the Bishop in the middle of a deadly Sao Paulo neighborhood years ago are forever etched in mind. The stark reality of his assessment … Continued