African Immigrants


We Must Work to Advance Justice for All

A couple weeks ago, over 600 activists, organizers, immigrant workers, faith leaders, youth and community elders descended upon Arlington, Virginia for the “Turning the Tide” National Summit.  They came from across the country to this second gathering determined to stem … Continued


African Immigrants in the Valley of the Sun

Arizona’s new bill SB1070 has had its share of controversy over the past few months, and with good reason. As much as its supporters try to deny it, the bill is anti-immigrant to the core, calls for racial profiling and … Continued


Racist Violence in Italy Could Happen in U.S.

Last week in Southern Italy’s working-class city of Rosarno, African immigrants clashed with local residents in what has been described as the worst racial violence since World War II, when Italy allied itself with the Nazis. The riots erupted after … Continued