Cross-Post: No Going Home

July 4, 2010 by Imagine 2050 Editors ·
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The New York Times gathered the stories of a group of historians and writers to discuss immigration and Independence Day. All the stories are good and worth reading; the one featured below stuck out as an especially poignant reflection on how America becomes home.

No Going Home

Joshua Halberstam teaches at Bronx Community College of City University. He is the author of “A Seat at the Table: A Novel of Forbidden Choices.”

On the Fourth of July, our house was conspicuous.  It was the only one on our Brooklyn block that featured a huge American flag we suspended from the upstairs window and let drape across the façade. The house was conspicuous the rest of the year too. This was the home of that ultra-Orthodox Hasidic family. Read more

Racist Email Distorts Patriotism

April 27, 2009 by Jessica Acee · 3 Comments
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Hilary Clinton spent three hours in Lebanon Sunday morning and passed along a message of support saying, “You have been through too much and it is only right that you are given a chance to make your own decisions”. Lebanon’s upcoming elections in June could see Hezbollah winning a larger slice of the political pie.

Just two generations removed from the immigrant’s story and still my stomach is tied up over Lebanon’s upcoming elections. I have never even set foot on its soil but I have spent countless summer evenings listening to my grandmother and aunts talk about their home and what it meant for them to leave. And what it means to look back. Read more

Obama, Satire, and Reverse Racism

July 17, 2008 by Sarah Viets · Comment
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This week, news anchors and politicians are attacking the New Yorker (a national political magazine) for printing a dicey image of Michelle and Barack Obama. The cover of the magazine is an image of Obama wearing read more