Cross-Post: Why Racism and White Supremacy Will Continue to Reign in 2011

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January 6, 2011 | Black Agenda Report / By Margaret Kimberley

The U.S. is not a post-racial society, as the events of the past year attest — from a governor glorifying segregation to a Fox pundit calling for Michael Vick’s execution.

The overlay of an Obama opinion supportive of Vick only inflamed already irate racists, who were indignant that a black man should have a successful life after being convicted of a crime. Some opined that Vick should be able to work, but not in such a lucrative and prominent position. The absurdity and gall that such foolishness should be openly expressed is the result of racism and nothing more. Read more

Video: Frontiers of Racism

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Anti-immigration forces were, and are, on the front lines of racism in America. Today’s most powerful web of anti-immigrant groups, the John Tanton Network, uses the issue of immigration to drive a wedge between communities of color by perpetuating the myth that immigrants and African-Americans must compete for economic opportunities.

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Communities of Color Under Full Economic Depression (Attack)

August 3, 2009 by Jill Garvey · Comment
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The housing market crash constitutes the largest loss of wealth to Black Americans in modern history. When I heard this last year it blew me away. I’m still trying to wrap my arms around the enormity of that fact. I think I even dropped it into a blog post hoping to receive alarmed exclamations from readers. This seemed to me a dire and largely unrecognized injustice - akin to watching poor residents of New Orleans abandoned during, and exploited after, Katrina.

I was reminded of this once more when I heard author Beryl Satter on the Tavis Smiley show yesterday. She was explaining how post-WWII Blacks in Chicago were discriminated against by racist Federal Housing Authority practices (among other things) and systematically denied home loans regardless of their economic status. African Americans were forced to take loans from predatory lenders, often paying double or quadruple what the property was worth, and on terms that made it almost impossible to keep the property. Satter went on to say that what occurred then is almost identical to our current housing crisis. Except this time the affected include not just African Americans, but also Latinos and whites as well. However, while the general population has been in a recession, people of color have been in a full-blown depression. Read more