Bp Oil Spill


All Time Low: Center for Immigration Studies Blames Immigrants for Teenage Obesity

The anti-immigrant movement continues to sink lower and lower with attempts made to demonize immigrants, scare people and plant bigotry. With a complete disregard for human decency and common sense, the anti immigrant group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) are … Continued


The Green War on Immigrants

Bigotry. That isn’t the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about environmentalism, but green bigotry is real and growing. A web of individuals, groups and funders who identify themselves as environmentalists are dividing the environmental movement and … Continued


Negative Population Growth Plants Anti-immigrant Advertisement in Washington Times

July brought another advertisement in the Washington Times by anti-immigrant group Negative Population Growth (NPG).  NPG attacks immigrants in order to tap into the urgency of the environmental movement around the BP oil spill. This is just one more attempt … Continued


Despite Sullied Reputations, Anti-Immigrant Bigots Push Immigration & Oil Spill Argument

Imagine 2050 has received yet another communication from anti-immigrant leaders asking that we provide a platform for their politically extreme viewpoints. This one came from Philip Cafaro, a professor who works with anti-immigrant groups like Center for Immigration Studies and … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Leader Defends Controversial Environmentalist

Imagine 2050 hit the nail on the head a nerve with anti-immigrant groups a few weeks ago when we posted an article about one of the anti-immigrant movement’s environmentalists-for-hire, Philip Cafaro. Leah Durant, executive director of Progressives For Immigration Reform, … Continued


The Anti-Immigrant Movement’s Environmental Mercenary

“Now, if we had time, I think I could show that every major environmental problem in the U.S. is made worse by population growth.” -Philip Cafaro, anti-immigrant activist speaking on a panel titled, “Immigration, Population, and the Environment: Experts to … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Groups Blame Immigrants for BP Oil Spill

Amidst an environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, anti-immigrant groups in the John Tanton Network see the BP oil spill as an opportunity to - wait for it - blame immigrants. BP can’t contain the oil spill and the … Continued


No One (White) is Responsible for Anything

The recent finger-pointing show put on by the BP oil spill execs from the three primary companies involved in that disaster has provided yet another narrative for contemporary America: no white person is responsible for anything, especially when it comes … Continued