Chicago Fire


Quarterly Soccer Magazine Focuses on Immigration in First Issue

Imagine2050 contributor Tom Dunmore, along with writers John Turnbull, David Keys and designer Joseph Liam Murtaugh, recently created a new quarterly magazine about soccer in North America titled XI. XI aims to discuss in-depth the game’s diversity and cultural reach … Continued

Chicago Fire Fans Unveil Banner in Support of Gay Community

Last night, fans of the Major League Soccer (MLS) club Chicago Fire unveiled a massive banner displaying the rich diversity of the club’s city, supporters and team. The banner featured the Chicago skyline with a backdrop of the rainbow flag … Continued

2016: Chicago’s Olympic Dream, Do They Deserve It?

In June of 2008, the International Olympic Committee (ICO) announced that Chicago was one of its 4 finalists to host the 2016 games. The US has not hosted an Olympics since 1996 in Atlanta and many are hoping for a … Continued


Anti-Latino Bias Reaches American Professional Sports

However you’d like to refer to the game, be it soccer, football, or fútbol there’s only one thing you need to know. I love everything about it. I treasure those moments when new acquaintances question me about my love for … Continued


Smell Something Burning? It’s Probably Arizona

Did you ever play the “If I had lived during [insert appropriate historic period here] I would have . . .” game? Back when I was a kid my friends and I would sit in a tight circle often with … Continued