Climate Justice


Earth Day Nativism

While many Earth Day events this past week focused on climate justice, sustainability and protecting the environment, some continue to take this week as an opportunity to bash immigrants. Earth Day for the anti-immigrant movement and groups like NumbersUSA, Californians … Continued

In This for My People: Nia Robinson on Race, the Environment, and Climate Change

Cross-posted from PopDev, a progressive think tank & activist organization bringing a global feminist analysis to the intersecting spheres of reproductive freedom, environmental justice, international development, and peace. “Race is the number one determining factor for whether or not you … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry Portland to Eugene, Part II

by Jesse Sanes There are countless social areas and/or topics within which the interest’s of women, their reproductive freedoms, and the health of our environment all overlap. And in these overlaps, it is impossible for any rational person to blame … Continued

William Ryerson Still Perpetuating the “Overpopulation” Myth

by Jesse Sanes As the UN’s 17th international climate summit comes to a close with little in the way of substantive plans to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, the echoes of alarms sounded for a global population reaching 7 billion still … Continued


Youth Environmentalists Connecting the Dots: This is a Movement for Everyone

By Martha Pskowski Today, Earth Day, wraps up a huge week in the youth environmental movement.  These are some of the events that occurred just in the last week: Last Friday, youth disrupted Congress to sing songs in support of … Continued


Closing the U.S. border is a false solution to the climate crisis

by Kim Lobaria, Rising Tide activist Anti-immigrant forces are playing on fears about global warming. And while global warming is a real threat, it doesn’t come from immigrants but from fossil fuel companies that are destroying our Earth. Poor immigrants … Continued