Colbert Uneventfully Interviews Sheriff Joe

It is hard to say if being on Stephen Colbert’s show will ultimately help or hurt Joe Arpaio. Watching Colbert take jabs at him last night, it was obvious he’d done his homework on the complexity of Joe’s evil circus, … Continued


Audio: March 2009 Blogcast

As you have most likely read on the 2050 blog, there has been some heavy anti-immigrant activity in Arizona lately. Many of the people caught in this war on immigrants are the regions Native (American) population. In light of this … Continued


Audio: November 2008 Blogcast!

Come along with me this month as we take part in a rally for same-sex marriage rights. You might ask, what does same-sex marriage have to do with identity? I’d answer, a whole heck of a lot! First of all, … Continued

The Criminal Class Has Something to Say About America

When I was born my parents were solidly working class, but by the time I was seven I was living in a working poor household that struggled to survive from paycheck to paycheck. This was the plight of our surrounding … Continued