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Ingraham & FAIR Make Strange Bedfellows

The Federation for American Immigration Reform is featuring conservative radio host Laura Ingraham in its new campaign to support the recently enforced anti-immigrant law SB 1070 in Arizona. On a website called, dedicated to the sale of wristbands to … Continued


Cross-Post: NAACP Cites Tea Party Blog Post as Further Proof of Racism

Posted by David Knowles, writer at AOL News Surge Desk: (July 16) — The war of words between the NAACP and members of the tea party movement is not dying down. After the venerable civil rights organization passed a formal … Continued


Swine Flu: The Immigrant Blame Game Continues

As the worldwide hysteria over swine flu continues, the amount of needless attacks on immigrants continues to escalate. They are fueled by none other than the media, especially right-winged radio show hosts. Mexican officials have just announced that the country … Continued


Rush Limbaugh Isn’t Racist, He Just Sounds That Way

Since the election of Barack Obama four months ago, one man has emerged from the ruined right standing tall. That man is conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. He has enjoyed a big boost in ratings since Obama’s election much to … Continued