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Cross-Post: Justice Please: Reject Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law

Originally posted on April 28 by Whatsupsmiley. The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments on Wednesday in Arizona v. United States, regarding the Justice Department’s challenge to the controversial anti-immigration law in Arizona, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods … Continued


SB1070: A Story of Resistance and the Demise of Russell Pearce (Part I)

Crafted by an extreme anti-immigrant movement with the unsaid goal of forcing a max exodus of a people out of Arizona and eventually the US, SB1070 serves as a large piece of a far right agenda.   As the law itself … Continued


Biking Beyond Bigotry: More Bars in More….

by Minnie McMahon The lights of Florence, AZ, were beacons in the night, signaling to us – the Bicycling Beyond Bigotry riders – that our long day was coming to a close. But with its lights urging us on, Florence … Continued


Music for Children Behind Bars

A photograph of an empty playground behind barbed-wire fences says it all. Upon first learning about the inhumane reality of imprisoned children less than two hours from San Antonio, most locals I’ve approached are left speechless. This comes as no … Continued