“He entered upon the canvass with a reputation confined to his own state. He closes it with his name a household word wherever the principles he holds are honored and with the respect of his opponents in all sections of … Continued


We are in Serious Trouble, and Patience is Running Thin

There is a deepening sense of frustration, cynicism, and growing anger brewing across the country, tempered only, for now, by the dim expectation that the Obama Administration might turn things around. Time for a turnaround, however, is short, and the … Continued


Bye Bye Black Friday

Black Friday is a perfect example of American consumerism gone awry. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is a tradition for some that is more sacred than the holiday itself. But this year demonstrates once again that Black Friday needs to … Continued

The Criminal Class Has Something to Say About America

When I was born my parents were solidly working class, but by the time I was seven I was living in a working poor household that struggled to survive from paycheck to paycheck. This was the plight of our surrounding … Continued