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Race and The Race to the Bottom

In a restaurant in Kirksville, Missouri, a recently-fired immigrant worker made $400 for seventy-two hours of work per week. Seventy-two hours. $400 per 72-hour week. It took Maria Rivas forty years of hard work to earn her way up to $11.40 an … Continued

Lack of Education Spurring on Public Health Epidemic in Minnesota

According to recent media reports, eleven confirmed cases of measles have appeared in the Twin Cities, with about half emerging from the Somali community. Despite the dedicated efforts of health professionals within our community, many of us continue to neglect … Continued


Nebraska Laws Undermine Families in Crisis

The debacle surrounding the Nebraska Safe Haven law highlights a hidden crisis within American families. Last week Nebraska amended its Safe Haven law and social workers and hospital employees across the state breathed an uneasy sigh of relief. Now, only … Continued