Department Of Labor

Wage & Overtime Law to Include Home Care Workers

On Tuesday, the Federal Department of Labor announced a rule change that will finally extend minimum wage and overtime protections to most home care workers.  Women and people of color make up a disproportionate segment of the workforce. More than 90 percent of … Continued

Food Justice

Packinghouse Bathroom Breaks: Leaving Human Dignity at the Plant Gate

It happened again several weeks ago.  He asked permission to go to the bathroom.  His supervisor told him to wait till a replacement was found for his position on the line. The supervisor didn’t come back. He could wait no … Continued

Food Justice

Great Successes at the Latino Worker Health & Safety Summit

Last week we took workers to Houston, Texas for what could be a historical event, the National Action Summit for Latino Worker Health & Safety. The worker leaders who joined us on the trip have helped to build the Health … Continued


Obama Must Embrace Immigrants to Reform Economy

The American Economy will never recover if workers are robbed of their wages. When workers suffer from wage theft, the economy feels it too. According to Kim Bobo, founder and executive director of Interfaith Worker Justice, in her new book … Continued


Bush Destruction Continues to the Very End

The Bush Administration has revealed devastating changes to an agricultural guestworker program. This program is known as H-2A, and has existed since 1986. It allows for farm owners and agricultural employers to bring in foreign born citizens to work on … Continued