CVS Pharmacy Fails Communities

June 18, 2009 by Cloee Cooper · Comment
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Health care access is an important issue in today’s America. Billions of dollars are poured into the industry every year – dollars spent to develop pharmaceutical wonders for every ache and pain. The question is who controls access to health care products and are they distributed fairly?

Communities are supposed to be provided equal access by companies like CVS drug stores. It turns out CVS, the largest supplier of prescription drugs in the United States, operates 37% more stores in white communities than in communities of color. Moreover, CVS stores in low-income areas are more likely to violate local health codes than stores in affluent or mostly white areas. These are discriminatory practices in health care across racial and class lines. That much is not new to me. However, what is new is that CVS is being exposed as a health care supplier that doesn’t care about the communities it serves. Read more