Domestic Terrorism

The Boston Bombings and the Threat of Far-Right Violence

In the United States, our collective memory has been lastingly damaged by the wreckage of the Oklahoma City bombing and by 9/11. The latter most certainly dominates our psyche, as 9/11 exposed to us both the immense cruelty of bin … Continued

Cross-Post: White Supremacist Leader, Crew Nabbed In Fla. Terror Probe

Accused members of American Front white supremacist group, arrested in Osceola County, Florida. From top left, clockwise: Dustin Perry, Diane Stevens, Christopher Brooks, Richard Stockdale, Jennifer McGowan, Paul Jackson, Mark McGowan, Kent McLellan, Marcus Faella, Patricia Faella. (Osceola County Corrections … Continued

Oklahoma City and the Enduring Challenge of Racist, Domestic Terrorism

Today’s seventeenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is a reminder that the cauldron of “domestic terrorism”—a handy euphemism for white “Christian” terrorists—is ever-simmering. As news broke of the Oklahoma City bombing, speculation was rampant that “Middle East terrorists” were … Continued

Tulsa Murders Targeting Black Community Point to Racial Vendetta

Two men were arrested and charged early Sunday in a shooting rampage that left three dead and two injured in Tulsa. All the victims are African-American and widespread media speculation is that the attacks were racially motivated. Racist violence is … Continued

diaBLOGue: Rep. Peter King: “White Guy” Terrorists? What “White Guy” Terrorists?

In this adroit piece of satire from The Daily Take concerning domestic terrorist David Burgert, Thom Hartman basically predicts the case of (bigoted) mistaken identity that plagued the imaginations of some journalists, and spread like scurvy on a pirate ship … Continued


Dept. of Homeland Security Not Concerned by Rightwing Extremism

With the tragic shooting and bombing in Norway, we once again have the impetus to take a critical look at all movements that pose threats to our safety and democracy.


Cross-Post: Racism & Abuse in Leading Religious Right Org

Originally published in Religion Dispatches Magazine by Sarah Posner. Sarah Posner, author of God’s Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters, is RD’s associate editor and covers politics for the site. Her work has appeared in The … Continued


Fifteen Years After Oklahoma City Multiracial America Still at Risk

In Oklahoma City, on the morning of April 19, 1995, far right activist Timothy McVeigh detonated an explosive device beneath the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building murdering 168 people and injuring 680. Fifteen years later the lesson of Oklahoma City … Continued


Middle American Radicals Come of Age in Texas Attack

Over the next several days our nation’s political leaders and media pundits will spend countless hours dissecting the actions of American suicide bomber Joseph Stack. On Thursday Stack deliberately flew a small aircraft into an office building housing federal offices … Continued

Lessons of the Tulsa Race Riots

On May 31, 1921 the reputation of Oklahoma was irreparably harmed when racial tensions turned violent in the thriving town of Tulsa. With over 300 African Americans murdered (some estimates reach into the thousands), and thousands of homes and businesses … Continued