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Cross-Post: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Labor Law, But It’s No Model for SB 1070

Originally published on Colorlines by Jamilah King - Thursday, May 26 2011

Today the Supreme Court ruled to uphold an Arizona law that punishes businesses for hiring undocumented workers. Yet while the ruling on the four-year-old law is considered by some to be a test run for Arizona’s much-maligned SB 1070, immigrant rights advocates are careful to point out that today’s ruling should not be used as a barometer for the impending federal battle over one of the nation’s harshest anti-immigrant laws.

“Today’s decision is a narrow one that only upholds Arizona’s specific law on employment verification,” the ACLU said in a press release. “The decision has nothing to do with SB 1070

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E-Verify Out of Stimulus Package

The economy is saved! Ok maybe not, but the passing of the $787 billion stimulus package will hopefully start providing desperately needed movement. In the press I’ve been hearing a lot of Republicans whining that the bill wasn’t bipartisan, that they were basically railroaded. Interestingly, the Republican politicians responsible for heavy amendments to the bill didn’t even vote for it. Emptywheel breaks it down for us…

Tom Coburn, Chuck Grassley, and Susan Collins. They’re the ones responsible for the way this bill looks.

And fricking Coburn and Grassley won’t even have the decency to vote for their own handiwork. That’s theRead more


Obama & the Ghost of Clinton’s Past

President-elect Obama’s initial cabinet choices are disappointing. Rather than represent new thinking, they suggest policies based on political positioning, timidity, and the culture of K St.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State bodes poorly for American troops that have been bogged down in an increasingly unpopular war in Iraq. American deaths are fast approaching 4,200 according to the Department of Defense. Clinton supported this unpopular war up until time public support turned overwhelmingly against it.