Environmental Destruction

Carrying Capacity & Impending Doom: Profiling William Ryerson (Part 1)

by Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone Michael Tobias, an advisory board member for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), recently interviewed Bill Ryerson, the president of the Population Media Center which is located in Shelburne Falls, Vermont.  Ryerson is also the CEO of the … Continued


Border Environment Sacrificed for National Security

by Martha Pskowski A bill recently introduced in Congress, the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act (H.R. 1505), by Representative Rob Bishop (R-UT), is the latest signal that the environment is being sacrificed in pursuit of “national security” at … Continued


Sierra Club Exhibits Photos of the U.S. Mexico Border

The Sierra Club is hosting a photo exhibit to document the negative impact the border wall has on the biodiversity and ecology of the U.S./Mexico border region.  In addition to the devastating human effects along the border, this event is … Continued


Cross- Post: Is Immigration a Green Issue?

Sami Grover wrote a great article for Treehugger highlighting the issues explored in Center for New Community’s new video, The Green War on Immigrants TreeHugger is a blog about environmentalism, not racism, ethnicity or immigration. Yet from holocaust deniers at … Continued


US Deporting 30,000 to Storm Ravaged Haiti

Haiti is in deep trouble and US immigration policies are only compounding the problem. The multiple hurricanes that hit the island last year are comparable to the effect of 8-10 hurricane Katrinas hitting the United States. 15% of the economy … Continued