Audio: March 2009 Blogcast

As you have most likely read on the 2050 blog, there has been some heavy anti-immigrant activity in Arizona lately. Many of the people caught in this war on immigrants are the regions Native (American) population. In light of this … Continued


Ida B. Wells and the Campaign Against Lynching

We don’t know our own history. I aced the mandatory eighth grade Illinois Civics class in 1960, by repeating what I had been taught about Abraham Lincoln. But I was not taught about Ida B. Wells, the African-American journalist who … Continued


Migrant Children in Greece:Unintended Victims of the “War on Terror”

Collateral Damage is one of those terms that we learn to use when talking about wars, but we seldom, if ever, stop to think what it entails. It’s a nice word that helps obscure the true nature of wars, and … Continued