Federal Prison

Crosspost: ICE’s Secret Holding Pens

This article was originally posted on El Diario NY and in English on New America Media. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is disappearing immigrants. ICE must immediately end its dark practice of hiding people in off the radar facilities. Throughout the country, … Continued


Chicago Immigrant Rights Activist Faces Deportation After Traffic Stop

Rigo Padilla is a 21 year-old college student facing deportation after a traffic stop. Padilla was detained and interviewed by the public defender. After the public defender found out that Padilla was not a US citizen, he walked out of … Continued

Bill White: The Definition of White Supremacy

When you think of the most evil people that have ever lived the names Hitler and Pol Pot might come to mind. One person who is on a fast track to joining this club is a 31 year-old white supremacist … Continued

Law for the Rich, Law for the Poor

“Civil law is for the rich. Criminal Law is for the poor.” The trenchant words of the Bishop in the middle of a deadly Sao Paulo neighborhood years ago are forever etched in mind. The stark reality of his assessment … Continued