Garrett Hardin

POTUS’s Stance on Climate Change will Erode”Validity” of Immigrant Blaming

During the entire election season, President Obama made so few remarks regarding climate change that only two made it into the news cycle: during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention he said that “climate change is not a … Continued

Progressives for Immigration Reform Writer Re-Fashions His Piece from White Nationalist Site for Publication on PFIR’s

It seems that Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR) have finally tired of the arduous process of dawning their “Lefist Environmentalist” costumes. Exhausted as they must be after 3-ish years of maintaining such charades, PFIR shut off its fog machine yesterday, … Continued

New Environmental Film Recycles Controversial Theories

While researching controversial film Growthbusters (read more about that here), I stumbled across a new attempt to frame the anti-population growth argument: a film called Critical Mass, directed by Mike Freedman. Freedman’s argument, described as “clever” by the Telluride Mountain … Continued

Kris Kobach in Email War with

In an email exchange with last week Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach loosened the strangulating hold of his tie from his white collar and vented. Kobach, apparently, is livid that he’s being called a racist due to his … Continued


Tanton Network banned from Earth Times website

The Earth Times, an environment specific news agency, has taken a bold step and is attempting to remove all the content  from its site that was added by anti-immigrant groups affiliated with John Tanton. The Tanton Network is an array … Continued